Write a poem / short fiction / creative nonfiction / anything on the word: FAREWELL…

Credited: Shinwon

Good morning miss!
We started our bond,
From alien invasion,
To our nostalgic hometowns.

Present miss!
We continued our bond.
With two hours of lecture,
Which was surprisingly fun.

You may start writing!
We ventured into our prompts,
Enthusiastically in week one,
Possibly perished later on.

Waiting for Malaysia to snow!
We were asked teasingly,
Not knowing what to write,
We stared at the empty docs plainly.

Thank you miss!
We ended our class,
But the bond continued,
In our Whatsapp log.

Love you the most, miss!
Something unsaid by all,
But we truly mean it,
Deep down from our hearts…



About your fears…

Credited: Wallpaper Access

Define thy fears,
With words and tears,
Though be careful,
Because it can be lurking here.

What is thy fear,
They ask again,
Finding a word,
Once again.

Roaches to lizards,
Heights to tights,
Gluten to mutton,
That’s not all.

Appa to Amma,
Exams to CGPA,
Past to future,
Even the present, sir.

Tell me now,
I know there is one,
Deep in thy heart,
Still hiding like a child.

Fooled and played,
Pranked and trapped,
Deep in my heart,
Silenced to death

What is my fear?
Curious to know?
There is one I fear,
That you will never know.



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Nine Weeks

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