TechnoLogic with Jhanani

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Hello everyone today we will be talking about how technologies can be used to support some reading strategies.

Before we move into the technological aspect, let me state the five strategies that were found in this video:

  1. Choral Reading

2. Reading Accountability Partners

3. Reading Graffiti Walls

4. Scaffolded Silent Reading

5. Teacher Real-Aloud and Modelling

Now we shall look into appropriate technology tools that can aid in reading.

  1. Wonderopolis
Credited: Wonderopolis

Wonderpolis would be a suitable application to be used for scaffolded silent reading. Wonderopolis is an interactive, award-winning learning platform that ignites the natural curiosity in all of us to deliberately and simultaneously address skills-based learning and the “Four Cs” of 21st-century skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity). The platform contains various reading materials in all topics and genres. Unlike other reading platforms, Wonderopolis provides an interactive reading experience where students can click on unfamiliar words to get their meanings and how they can be used in context.

2. Kumospace

Credited: Shutterstock

Kumospace is a space where there will be meaningful connections in unforgettable virtual spaces. This will be a suitable material to be used for reading accountability partners. Students will be put in multiple rooms to allow discussion among their peers. This application does not only improve their understanding of their reading text but also allow them to improve on their communication skills. Students can toggle their avatar around and discuss it with their friends in the room. Students are also given access to the whiteboard function where they can display their ideas about the reading material.

3. Lino it

Credited: Shutterstock

Lino is a web-based “sticky note” service that offers bulletin boards, called “canvases,” on which people can post stickies. Educators can create as many canvases as they want, and have your students interact within the canvases, even start discussions using the stickies. This will be a suitable application for Reading Graffiti Walls, where students can paste their ideas on the Lino board. This will be a fun activity as students can paste colourful sticky notes in this digital platform and also incorporate pictures or emojis on it.




My name is Jhanani S.Nagaraja a third-year BA (Hons) English with Education student and a passionate writer. Get to know my weekly mind shifts…

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Nine Weeks

My name is Jhanani S.Nagaraja a third-year BA (Hons) English with Education student and a passionate writer. Get to know my weekly mind shifts…

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